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Extreme Makeover: Parliament Edition

Canada’s house of commons is on the move, but don’t expect it to happen anytime soon or for very long. Advertisements

Not another blow to the head, please

It’s been called a silent epidemic. A new study shows that a staggering number of concussions are never reported. Sidney Crosby has been out for 8 weeks with no idea of if or when he will return to the NHL this season.

Average family debt has now hit $100,000

Although the recession may be over, that’s not preventing Canadian families from heading into debt. A report from The Vanier Institute For The Family says that average family debt has now hit $100,000.

Finally Free

Well, wasn’t that an interesting 18 days. Cairo’s Tahrir Square went from fighting and confrontation to joy and celebration as Egyptians celebrated the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak after a historic wave of pro-democracy demonstrations. Several hundred thousand protesters packed into the central square and embraced the decision that they were hoping for.

D.I.F.D. Sparks Discussion Between Parents And Children

February 8th would have marked the 15th birthday of the Richardsons’ daughter, Daron. On this day, there were no opening of presents, or blowing out candles on top of a birthday cake.

The Price of A Story

As the protests continue in Egypt, journalists are putting their lives literally on the line to bring us the images and stories from a country that is slowly falling into political disrepair.

Disgraced Pathologist Charles Smith Stripped Of Licence

Developing news out of Toronto tonight as citynews.ca reports that disgraced pathologist Dr. Charles Smith has been stripped of his medical licence.