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CKRU-FM Not Going To Broadcast OHL Peterborough Petes Game Next Season

Hello out there, we’re on the air, it’s hockey night tonight…….oh wait. The Peterborough Examiner is reporting that CKRU-FM (100.5 Kruz FM) will not continue broadcasting Peterborough Petes games next season. Advertisements

If we get the right matchups, then we can win this game (maybe)

Well it’s official, as we head deeper into this election campaign, millions of Canadians will be glued to thier television sets  Thursday night for what is sure to be an amazing show.

Good Ideas Or Broken Promises?

If you want tax credits, then vote for a Harper government. That seems to be the message Friday.

University of Western Ontario Student Kicked Out Of Conservative Rally

19-year-old University student Awish Aslam was both upset and confused after being escorted out of a Conservative party rally.

A Leap Forward For Women’s Ski Jumping

A leap forward in women’s sports yesterday when the announcement was made that the next Winter Olympics would feature women’s ski jumping. The International Olympic Committee approved its inclusion for the 2014 Sochi Games.

The Piano Man

He’s been described as “an inspiring part of Toronto’s unique downtown landscape” and “the kind of person we can all learn profound lessons from”.

Getting the “Facebook blues”

As reported by CBC, an influential U.S. medical group says pediatricians should begin to ask children, teens and their parents about internet use to find any mental health problems that could be connected to use of social media like Facebook.