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The rich get richer

Let’s face it, we know the government, whether it’s federally, provincially, or even locally, they have to spend our money. Whether they are fixing roads, funding hospitals, developing projects to help those in need, it makes us feel like our money is being used effectively, but when MacLean’s magazine listed “99 stupid things the government … Continue reading

Mercer’s rants damaging anti-graffiti cause according to Mississauga councillor

Well we’ve hit that point. Yes, a point so devastating I’m not sure if I can find the words to type this blog.

Order up!

Surfing around the world wide web this afternoon I stumbled upon a rather expensive menu item.

New name change for coffee giant adds new size to the mix

Coffee shop chain Tim Hortons announced earlier this month that it will be introducing its biggest cup yet.

Ladies and gentlemen, check your gloveboxes

This is a story I saw on CBC’s “The National” last night (Saturday). It’s one of those, rare, “feel good stories”, yes, I said it, a “feel good story.”

Port Hope gets clean up cash from Ottawa

The Federal government has pledged funding to be used for radioactive waste cleanup in Port Hope Ontario.

Quebecor threatening the CBC’s French-language network with legal action.

So basically, in a nutshell, Quebecor Inc. is threatening the CBC’s French-language network Radio-Canada with legal action unless the broadcaster advertises in the media giant’s newspapers and magazines.

Watson appears to be on the move

Sources say Peterborough Petes Austin Watson is on the move.