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Ladies and gentlemen, check your gloveboxes

This is a story I saw on CBC’s “The National” last night (Saturday).

It’s one of those, rare, “feel good stories”, yes, I said it, a “feel good story.”

Once the show got past all the depressing death and disaster there was a story that stuck out in my mind for its creativity.

A Toronto musician is trying to fund his next album entirely with Canadian Tire money.

“If we could just tap the glove compartments of this country alone it would be a mint.”

Corin Raymond first got the idea when he was on a tour in the Yukon. Whenever Raymond would play his song “Don’t spend it honey”, the audience would give him Canadian Tire money.

He soon got a website up and running and posted a video on YouTube.

The Rouge Music Lab where Raymond would be producing his next album accepts the coloured cash, at par.

That concept is something that studio owner James Paul says is a good one and that this type of crowd sourcing is how most musicians are funding their latest projects.

“They’re reaching out to their fans and saying pre purchase the CD or invest in it early and that’s how a lot of people are raising the money to make their records.”

Raymond’s last count was just over three hundred dollars.


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