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Mercer’s rants damaging anti-graffiti cause according to Mississauga councillor

(TORONTO, ONT) Mississauga councillor blames Rick Mercer for damaging anti-graffiti cause. Photo by Harrison Perkins

Well we’ve hit that point. Yes, a point so devastating I’m not sure if I can find the words to type this blog.

Rick Mercer’s rants are “damaging the anti graffiti” cause.

Oh no!

Mississauga, Ontario, the city west of Toronto that is “leading the way for tomorrow” is seeing an increase of graffiti on city property.

One councillor blames CBC comedian Rick Mercer for, while probably unintentional , damaging anti graffiti campaigns.

Councillor Katie Mahoney says Rick Mercer’s famous rants along Toronto’s graffiti alley at Queen street West and Augusta, which by the way is an area specially designated for that use, has damaged the anti-graffiti cause.

“Rick Mercer needs to know that he’s not doing anybody any good with his rants down the graffiti-tagged alley,” Ms. Mahoney fumed during a city council meeting last Wednesday night.

She suggested the Mercer rants might have unintentionally encouraged the spread of graffiti throughout Canada.

Imagine that, a TV backdrop being blamed for the graffiti problems in this country.

Ms. Mahoney’s comments came after a lengthy council debate on vandalism and graffiti in the city of Mississauga. That debate was spurred by a staff report showing a dramatic rise in graffiti since 2009.

“Rick Mercer needs to know that he’s not doing anybody any good with his rants down the graffiti-tagged alley”, she said Wednesday.

Other councilors had a number of possible ideas to stop the so-called art from appearing on area walls. Monitoring who buys spray paint in area stores, a video surveillance system of some type as well as possibly legislating an age limit on the purchase of spray paint were all suggestions at the meeting.

I think this issue was blown out of proportion and Rick Mercer should not be blamed for the graffiti issues in Canada’s communities.

At the end of the day his rants should be about his messages. Whether it’s politics, teen suicide, bullying or even just what makes us Canadian. They shouldn’t be about what’s on the walls behind him.

Let’s grow up, show some respect and listen.

Original article was published by the National Post January 12, 2012


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