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The rich get richer

Let’s face it, we know the government, whether it’s federally, provincially, or even locally, they have to spend our money.

Whether they are fixing roads, funding hospitals, developing projects to help those in need, it makes us feel like our money is being used effectively, but when MacLean’s magazine listed “99 stupid things the government spent your money on” I had to take notice and try my best to hold these guys accountable.

One example, according to the magazine, Vancouver council voted to grant the Environmental Youth Alliance Society $5,000 for a project called Lawns to Loaves, through which 30 homeowners in the city could replace their grass lawns with wheat, yep, that’s right, wheat.

If wheat doesn’t seem like a big deal, what about this, the Royal Canadian Mint spent $7.3 million to make 486 million new pennies, you know- those things we have in our junk drawers and toss on the sidewalk that claim to bring good luck, those cost of roughly 1.5 cents each to produce

This bugged me quite a bit, Canada donated $36 million to China, a country that’s accumulated US$3 trillion in foreign reserves.

This too had me feeling giddy, according to MacLean’s, the Harper government spent $2 million refurbishing a resort for a G8 meeting in 2010 ($1,600 to move a bed, $3,500 to adjust light fixtures), and that same year spent $1.9 million to monitor what the media said about it in 2010.

$1,600 to move a bed, meanwhile there are people in the country who live in shacks and depend on welfare to get by. Crazy.

Then there’s monitoring what the media said about them, our job as journalists is to hold people accountable for their actions and keep a record.

Why would they monitor us? To try and censor us?

The RTNDA says that electronic journalists will inform the public in an accurate, comprehensive and fair manner about events and issues of importance.

What’s wrong with that?

Another thing that was not mentioned in these articles was the pensions that Canadian MP’s receive.

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation published a report that details how for every $1.00 that MPs and Senators pay toward the so called pension fund, taxpayers contribute $23.30.

Qualified MPs currently serving will be eligible to collect an average pension of $54,693 a year in 2015 in addition to a minimum $78,800 in one time severance payments for those not qualified or old enough to collect.

This is crazy, they work for much less and make a lot more.

I guess some things won’t change.

Better start saving those pennies.


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Harrison Perkins Journalisim Student at Loyalist College in Belleville, Ontario, Canada


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