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Horse in bad shape finds new home

A horse that was rescued has a new lease on life. Photo: Steve Collins

A horse that was alone and in a field south of Peterborough, Ontario has been rescued.

Sandy McDowell noticed the horse limping as she drove along Airport road around a month ago.

McDowell told Peterborough’s CHEX TV in a report on March 1st, the horse wasn’t in the best shape.

“Her tail is really matted; it’s almost like one big dread,” she said. “Her hooves are all brittle and breaking off.”

The Peterborough Humane Society got in contact with the horse’s owner and said that if he did not get the horse the care she needed, they would come and take the mare.

That’s when “Wagging Tails Pet Retreat” from Millbrook (south-west of Peterborough) made a deal with the owner and the horse was picked up.

Lucy Davidson from Wagging Tails Pet Retreat heard about state of the horse and knew she was the right person to help.

“My daughter’s friend had seen this on TV and called me the next morning hysterical saying we had to do something about it because we have a lot of animals we have rescued”. Davidson said.

Davidson said when she went to see the horse she knew she had to do something.

“I went and had a look at the horse and I approached the owner and asked if he would consider selling her to me, he was quite happy to give her to me because he was ordered the humane society that morning to get her fixed up, so I agreed to take on all of these issues and he agreed to surrender her to me”.Davidon said.

The team transporting the horse. Photo: Steve Collins

Steve Collins volunteered his horse trailer and truck for the move, and was one of the many people involved in relocating the mare to her new home with Davidson.

Collins says the previous owner cared for the horses but wanted them to live a natural life in the fields.

“He (the previous owner) was of the understanding that they would be living out a natural life in his field, and he was doing his part to make sure they were well fed. And to his credit, he did seem to be succeeding. The only problem with the bad feet is… if you can’t get near them… how can you maintain them. He does have an affection for this pony, and was sad to see her go, but I think he knew that she was in need of attention, so his reluctance gave way to compassion for her, and knowing that she would get some medical attention with the Lucy Crew”.

Collins said food was always around.

“There was always two big round bales of hay for her, and shelter. It was as natural a life as she could have had on that small parcel of swamp land” Collins added.

Lucy Davidson said this was a team effort and the response has been overwhelming with a ton of community support.


Click here to listen to Lucy Davidson as she gives an update on the horse’s conditon.

Click here to hear Lucy Davidson talk about the community involvment.


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2 thoughts on “Horse in bad shape finds new home

  1. Do you have a link to Lucy
    s facebook page?

    Posted by Rosemarie Bahr | March 10, 2012, 10:12 am

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